Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Pictures from a weekend getaway trip to Amsterdam for my friend's 21st. Since we are both currently working on our final major projects we felt like we needed a break from uni to clear our minds and get inspiration from a new place.

The City

We only got to spend one full day exploring Amsterdam but it was enough to see the beauty of this city. Amazing architecture literally everywhere you look. Loved the canals running through the city making it look even more magical. But oh my God there were SO many bikes. I saw more bikes than cars and I thought that was just so great. Wish more cities were like that. People were also very friendly and welcoming to every place we went.


We got to the city very early in the morning so we decided to get some breakfast at a pancake place we saw as soon as we got off the bus. Of course, we went for the Dutch pancakes that we still both crave a lot since the day we had them. They were very close to crepes but were slightly thicker and also tasted a bit different.

Pancakes Amsterdam

Prins Hendrikkade 48,

1012 AC Amsterdam,


Later that day, we grabbed a quick lunch (hot dogs lol) and were ready to try the famous stroopwafels that everyone raves about for dessert. A very busy place for its size, there was a line ending literally outside the shop's door. I got a waffle with walnuts and to be honest it was good but not something I want to have again like the pancakes. Glad I tried it though and I think everyone should if they have the chance.

van Wonderen Stroopwafels

Kalverstraat 190 1012 XH Centrum Nederland

Moco Museum

We originally wanted to visit the Van Gogh museum but didn't get to do it as it was sold out for the day. But, luckily we managed to get tickets for the Moco Museum and got to see exhibitions like Banksy, Daniel Arsham and also works from Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

Moco Museum

Honthorststraat 20 (Museumplein) 1071 DE Amsterdam